Words by Ember Langley

Victoria Austin has styled weddings and events from coast to coast, and has been featured in magazines such as Wedding Sparrow, Magnolia Rouge, and Southern Weddings. Having grown up in California, she made a big life decision to move across the States for college at Auburn Uni- versity, and now calls Alabama her home. Tori currently lives in Fairhope, AL with her husband of almost two years. She graciously invited me to her home to showcase her workspace and chat over mid-afternoon snacks and drinks. 

What would you say makes Southern weddings special in compared to other regions you have worked in? 

Southern brides, I think, pay a little bit more attention to tradition, or to what their moms would want, what makes sense, or logistics, as opposed to what is just the newest and coolest thing. There is a balance there and I would love to find something right in the middle. 


Where do you think you nd most of your inspiration in the (Mobile Bay) area? 

I have only lived here for two years and I absolutely love it. e most inspiring thing about south Alabama is just the weather and nature, everything. I feel like that generally inspires my work. It’s generally light and airy. I also always nd photographers very inspiring, once you see something through their lens. 

What is one of your favorite things when you see the nished product of the events you have styled? 

I have now started staying through the receptions and I love when the couple, or really anybody, once the wedding is in full throttle and they are totally celebrating, and they kind of actually forget there are owers there, It’s nice that that is when the real part starts. I love watching other people celebrate!