Words by Eleanor Hilley


The ocean shares a beautiful dialogue with the human body, both physically and emotionally. It renovates your mind and thoughts, and cleanses your skin and hair. A dip every now and then in natural saltwater has multiple benefits to our bodies physically, and in some cases brings healing to our skin that expensive cleansers only attempt to simulate.

For our hair
  Have you ever noticed your hair feeling extra soft and boasting a new sheen after a day at the beach? Once rinsed, it becomes clear the wonderful condition that the ocean leaves our hair in. Saltwater acts as a natural shampoo, removing excess oils and adding volume and body to our manes. It is also known to exfoliate the scalp and skin, helping rid signs of dandruff. As plants thrive being watered with rain water, so does our hair when washed naturally in the ocean.

For our skin
  Saltwater is a healing water. It extracts toxins and dirt from our pores, bringing all impurities to the surface and leaving skin soft and tight. Among the many minerals found in saltwater is magnesium, which can hydrate and give moisture to dry or rough skin types. Additionally, saltwater is a curing agent, able to heal cuts and sores quickly. Many of us have seen a wound heal over the period of a day swimming and playing in the ocean. 

For our health
  As salt is a cleansing agent, it also has been proven to minimize mild acne as well as clear nasal passageways, allowing those with sinus issues to find relief. In breathing the mist of saltwater, our immune system also sees benefits. The minerals in the ocean are absorbed through our skin while swimming, as the components of seawater are similar to that of our blood plasma. The levels of natural magnesium found in the water not only help our skin but also release tension, loosening tight muscles and helping relieve pain that stress puts on our bodies.

Whatever your need for healing may be, bodily or mentally, the ocean is calling.