On Location Shoot: The Gather Jacket

On Location Shoot: The Gather Jacket

This design was long awaited. For two years, I dreamt of designing a piece to wear that would marry two of my loves: the traditional Japanese kimono, in its familiarity, with nods to historical high-design French details.

Traditionally luxurious details such as the ribbon detailing in the sleeve (a call to 1850s French style) and the gathering pull on the sides (mimicking a 1770's-'80's pull in French gowns to draw up the hemline) are, in this piece, made utilitarian and effortless, juxtaposed by the fabric, the minimization, and the simplicity of this jacket. The story is in the details; from the design, to the usage of fine silk thread to sew utilitarian patterning throughout the piece. 

There are so many different ways to style this piece, which is something I'm very proud to say. As styling goes a long way with this jacket, and I wanted this shoot to exemplify one option that many people may not immediately consider-a natural, rough-edged look.

We used a heavy weight linen with 100% silk thread detailing, in Sea Spray Green. This jacket features pull cords in the side, allowing the wearer to draw in the hemline for added interest, or extend for more coverage. This jacket, being soft and billowy, can as easily be worn as outerwear as it can be an overthrow house robe.

To purchase or see more, visit the Gather Jacket page.

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