Home Shoot: The Mama Dress

Home Shoot: The Mama Dress


As the season changes (though it may not feel much different), we change our colors and cuts from crisp and bright, to more warm and comforting. The fine balance of the perfect coastal Autumn wear, being both practically lightweight but with a cozy design, is difficult to find. That’s where we believe this wonderful day dress comes in: our Mama DressEasy and versatile, it’s the perfect everyday wear. Staying home and want to be comfortable? Throw it on and wear it loose. Need to run an errand or meet a friend for coffee? Tie the sash around the middle and slip on some shoes. Am I currently wearing this dress whilst writing this blog?
Yes, I actually am.


Since its release, I’ve worried over the name of this day dress. I didn’t want people to think it was specifically and only for breastfeeding/pregnant mamas. Instead, I believe it’s a dress for all mamas (women, reproductive or not), which happens to practically fit function to any need of a woman’s body. I wanted it to be a dress which women could wear before, during, and after pregnancy. I believe all women are mothers to something or someone simply by being feminine, whether it be a practice (in the same way Benjamin Franklin was the father of electricity), or a family of people.


Recently, we had a shoot with a sweet friend and Mama, Peyton, in her Mobile, AL historic craftsman. Her warm and inviting personality is evident through the pictures, and in the styling of her home.



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