Affogatos have been bringing sweet joy to the mouths of Italians and coffee enthusiasts for quite some time now. The word meaning “to drown,” gets you a dollop of vanilla gelato, slowly covered with a shot or two of espresso— no flowery presentation; that’s delicious enough on it’s own. On a hot summer day, which we are more than acquainted with down here, it’s the best of both worlds. 

The day we stepped into Drip, I, along with three of my colleagues, were originally headed somewhere else. As my husband and I are the owners of a specialty coffee shop in Mobile, we had taken our small team over to New Orleans for the day on a little research trip. As we were walking to the Ace Hotel, towards Stumptown Roasters, we spotted this beautiful little corner building. A designer, my husband can spot a nice type face from a mile away, and their logo caught his eye. 

We were all hugely impressed with the attention to detail in the design of the shop. Everything seemed perfectly placed, intentional, specific. We’re all fully aware of the whole “80% experience, 20% product” ratio of what makes a customer happy, and this shop seemed to very much have perfected both. Upon walking in the door, you are met with an ice cream and gelato bar full of choices. They serve specialty affogatos. Their “classique” Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream and espresso, yes, but also topped with pistachio pieces and bits of stroop waffel. Those other two ingredients happen to be my favorite treats in the world. I was in heaven.

We ordered one to split, as we were all a bit coffee-d out already from the day of taste testing the different local spots, but we ended up sitting for a while. It was one of our barista’s first affogato experience, and he fell in love. Having just opened in fall of 2016, you could feel the excitement from Drip’s first-time customers and recently-dubbed regulars. The coffee roaster used, French Truck Coffee, seemed a perfect choice of pairing with the ice cream, as the flavors offered by Creole Creamery were to be the main act of the presentation. French Truck roasts a smokier espresso, and that flavor matched with the delicate flavors of the cream and toppings in such a way that gave us that perfect Italian richness we were expecting.

In every way, we were pleased. Drip Affogato Bar serves a beautiful experience along with a fantastic and unique product, all topped with a beautiful powder pink mini fridge along the back bar.