You name it, she can do it. Kelsey Moore is a 26 year old musician, small business owner, maker, and one of the most creative people I know. If she isn’t coordinating the hundreds of students at Spicer’s Music, you can find her being a featured artist at Ross House Coffee in Auburn, or hand making an array of different crafts, such as the jewelry she makes for her brand, Live Handmade. Brittany Graham spoke with Kelsey about her various talents in the following interview: 

You’re pretty talented in an array of different areas. From flower arranging, making jewelry, to music- how did you learn how to do all of these things? 

I’ve always loved being creative. Even as a kid I would draw, paint, make jewelry, anything to get out the ideas I had in my head. As I grew older, the ideas and execution did as well. 


Let’s talk about your business, Live Handmade. Tell me where you get your inspiration from?

I make jewelry that I would want to wear. That’s usually where my inspiration comes from. I’ll see something that I like and it gives me another idea to try. 

Most of the styles that I make are pretty minimalistic, but every now and then I like some sparkle! I like making jewelry for people because jewelry is the something extra that makes people feel special.

Where does the name, Live Handmade come from?

The name Live Handmade is supposed to be a reminder for anyone who wears my jewelry that they are handmade as well. One way that we try to help people remember to Live Handmade is by giving back to our community. For every piece of jewelry we sell, we give 10% to a ministry called Harvest Evangelism. This ministry has year-long residential programs for men and women recovering from life controlling issues - primarily drug addiction. The program is a tool to help men and women wanting to rebuild their lives. During this time, it is so important for them to know that they are loved and each handmade and put here for a purpose. We love partnering with the work this ministry is doing. 

What’s the coolest place you’ve sent something so far?

A few months ago I had an order ship to Paris. That was pretty cool!

You’re also a really talented flower arranger. How did you get in to that?

I love flowers! I just planted a whole forest in my front yard! Arranging flowers is something I remember doing with my mom growing up. Picking the perfect vase. Putting the flowers in the right order. It was so much fun. This proved useful over the past few years. Every wedding I have been in lately I have helped make the flower arrangements and decorations.

Music is how you actually pay the bills though, right?

Yes, I have had a couple of staff positions at churches, and with World Changers, as well as various gigs. Music has always been my passion. I started playing guitar and singing at a very young age. I was a very shy kid (and still can be), but somehow music pulled me out of my shell. This turned into a career for me. I studied music in college and now I get to make music my day job. 

Have these gigs ever taken you anywhere interesting? 

Music has taken me all of the country! One summer I played in 14 different states in three months! I’ve played in places from New York to California and everywhere in-between. My favorite by far, though, is Mexico. I go every year to Reynosa, Mexico at Christmas time and play music and love on kids in an orphanage and in the surrounding communities. 

Tell me a little more about Spicer’s and what you do there?

Spicer’s opened 5 years ago, but it started 10 years ago with just lessons and summer camps. That side of our store is still the heartbeat and our main focus. Right now we have 350 students and 24 instructors, and I am the coordinator for all of the lessons. Our store has been in the top 100 stores in the world (awards from NAMM.) We have also won Best Store Design, Best Emerging Dealer, and Best Marketing and Sales Promotion (all awards given at a global scale.) We also won Small Business of the Year for the state of Alabama in the past year. 

You can find more about Kelsey and her work by visiting her Instagram pages: @kelsey.cassandra and @live.handmade, as well as by checking out her Etsy store at: