Words by Heath Vester

The warmer spring weather is reason enough to celebrate with friends, and a perfect way to enjoy the company of others is with creative drinks. Here at Ant Farm we have a delicious recipe that will take you back to the good old days by using a few classic southern flavors we all love. Whether or not you’re a pro at mixed drinks, this Southern Blackberry Tonic is a great beginner recipe. Enjoy!

Things you’ll need:

- 10 blackberries

- 1.5 oz. local honey

- 1 shot lemon juice

- 2 shots vodka

- Seltzer water

- Ice 

1) Pour the honey (perhaps slightly diluted with water and warmed into a 

simple syrup, as to better blend in your drink), juice, and blackberries into your shaker. 

2) Crush and mix thoroughly.

3) Add vodka and ice — shake for 10 seconds (make sure it’s well mixed).

4) Strain into your glasses with ice and fresh blackberries. 

5) Top with Seltzer (or carbonated) water