Words by Heath Vester

I’m always fascinated when I hear about people who use their creative talents to do great things like give back to the community—people like Steven Kelley, who has been officially woodworking for two years now. Steven has already worked with local businesses like Moka’s Coffee House in Saraland and Mars Hill Cafe in Mobile, and his latest project is starting up his own business called Love Builds. 

For every piece sold by Love Builds, part of the purchase will go to providing food for those in need—but that detail isn’t by coincidence. His first project was a farm-style table for his family’s dinning room, and family is where it all began for him.

When he was young he spent time with his dad in his workshop, amazed and watching him take stacks of wood and turn them into works of art. There the love of building was instilled in him, and the patience and attention to detail that woodworking requires was passed down from father to son.

He thinks very highly of the farm table and the idea of sharing a meal with the ones you love. With his own family it has brought laughter and joy with every family gathering, and special bonding experiences with his own young boys. Although that first table is his most cherished one, he said he’s still learning more about his craft everyday.

“The name is simple. I believe we are here on this earth to love God and love people, and what better way to do that than by meeting an immediate need in their lives—a need that most of us take for granted each and every day when we sit down for a meal.”