Our Mission: 

Bellum Creative Group was formed to redefine life in the South by highlighting those around us of a like mind, who are forging their own paths creatively and entrepreneurially, and to build opportunities for a strong and sustainable creative economy in the Southeastern United States.

In our first four years, we published a bi-annual contributor based magazine, filled with written creative and journalistic pieces, as well as photo essays, design work, and recipes. The Bellum Creative Group was birthed as an extension of this channel to build community and a creative firm for local freelancers, helping them achieve a sustainable workflow, along with a much needed network and resource pool. Now, alongside this resource, we provide publishing services for freelancers in the Southeast.

We aspire to see a new generation which does not forsake old traditions, but boldly moves forward into knowledge and new growth while holding dear the values of those who have walked before them, and we are dedicated to seeing that through.

Build Opportunity   | Challenge Stereotypes   | Grow Community   | Showcase Excellence

Our Team:

Courtney Renae Eleanor Hilley: Co-Founder & Editor

Eleanor is the Co-Founder and Senior Editor/Creative Director at Bellum. Like most of the Bellum team, she cannot sit still and is constantly working on different projects in different creative fields. She is a musician and freelance illustrator, creating branding and such both in and outside of collaboration with her husband, Christian Hilley, and with him owns and opperates a third wave coffee shop named Chaleur in Mobile, Alabama. Musically, she released her Love Like Water EP in 2013 and The Canyon in September of 2014, under the band name Eleanor. Eleanor is currently touring and working on their sophomore album. Long term, she has a dream of creating a discipleship program for young men struggling with sexual addictions to attack human trafficking at its core.


Heath Raymond Vester : Co-Founder & Designer

Heath is the Co-Founder and Senior Designer at Bellum. He is also a freelance graphic designer and photographer, but most importantly he is a Mobilian. He was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. His design style is shaped by the outdoors as well as southern culture, and is combined with a personal love for simplicity and clean lines. Through everything he does, his focus is making a difference in his community and building relationships with other artists and creatives. He feels that great things come when we work together. 


 Christian Tyler Hilley: Photographer

Christian Hilley, Bellum’s Director of Photography, is a University of Mobile graduate and has been a Bellum team member since the beginning. He manages contributing photographers, organizes photography content across all platforms, directs the social media team, and assists Heath in design needs for the team. He is also a staff graphic designer at CityHope Church, owns a third wave coffee shop called Chaleur with his wife, and plays in a local band called Eleanor.