Mindfulness involves being aware of both yourself and your emotions. It’s about being present and accepting where you are in this moment and time. 

It’s about accepting yourself.

Sit in a comfy chair in a well-lit room. Feel the warmth of the sun, the fibers of the fabric under you. Close your eyes and listen to the tone of the room.

Drink a light, flavorful tea. Take the time to inhale the aroma and focus on the way it tastes. Choose your favorite mug and admire its design. Feel its texture.

Write. Feel the paper under your hand, the movement of the utensil. Hear the calming scratches as you create. 

Notice your breath. Breathe deep and hold it in for five seconds. Exhale completely and hold again for another five counts. Continue until you have completed five inhales and exhales. 

Practicing mindfulness once a day, and deep-breathing techniques two or three times a day, can be a good start in helping you become more present. It reduces anxiety and promotes focus and confidence, which are essential to not just blooming, but thriving.